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November 11, 2008


Barack Obama created history. Everybody is eager to know how Obama is going to change the course of history in this transition time. But Obama has changed one thing forever. And that is about the use of technology , particularly internet and mobile,in elections. We can not deny the mammoth role played by web world in the victory of Barack Obama. In coming days web 2.0 is going to give rise to a new term and field “Election2.0”.

Yesterday I read news that L. K . Advani has launched his website. This news and Barack Obama reason led me to do some research how Indian Politicians are using the power of Web2.0.

It seems that Indian politicians has realized this thing and in coming elections,particularly Lok Sabha elections , technology is going to make the difference. After seeing LK Advani’s website i was interested to know how other Indian politicians are using the power of web.
Though BJP is way ahead of other parties in use of technology but i have not found LK Advani’s website quite interesting . Though lookwise site is good but there is no provision for user interaction. For user interaction they created a Forum . RSS is totally missing. In the age of Web2.0 how can you imagine a website without RSS(And How BJP can miss RSS. RSS is its soul after all ).
There might be chatting feature also . Advani jee also has a separate site for his memoir ” My Country My Life” . This website is quite good content wise.

Congress party also has a website.

Though Rahul Gandhi also has a website also but instead of providing information it is spreading peace and harmony. How? open the website and see the White colour. The colour of peace. Its a irony that the youth leader of our country is not aware about the use of technology. Here i give full marks to Mr Advani.

Sonia Gandhi also seems to be tech savvy. This website has good user interaction in form of Email Letter. But there is still the scope of improvements.I am not sure whether it is an official site of Sonia Gandhi since it is carrying the link of “unofficial site ” of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and link of a news website flooded with advertisements. Going further deep i came to know that Sonia Gandhi’s website is owned by an unnamed company having this address
1797 Harriet Street
Elmont, New York 11003
United States.

So i have doubts if it is the official website of Sonia Gandhi or not.
So Congress Party scores zero on technological front. BJP is the clear winner and LK Advani has taken the initiative.Mayawati , Mulayam Singh yadav does not have any website.

After getting these gloomy results i did not try to go further .



  1. We have also had a look at your blog. We enjoyed reading your thoughts on various subjects. We appreciate you cross referencing our website on your Blog. Our goal is to reach out to more young, tech-savvy Indian Youth to allow them to access the life and works of Advaniji, and use his Portal and Blog as a means to be a well informed voter in the 2009 General Elections.

    We appreciate your comments and feedback. I would like to invite you to visit the website once again- we have added a Blog feature that facilitates a 2 way dialogue. The Blog and several other regularly updated features allow you to subscribe to the RSS feed.

    We are also working on a ‘Bloggers for Advani’ button that you could incorporate in a Blog. Do let us know if you have any ideas/ suggestions.

    Mallika Noorani
    LK Advani Communications Office

    Comment by Mallika — January 10, 2009 @ 10:17 am

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