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November 15, 2008

Webama 2.0

W – White house

W – Web 2.0

W- White


All these words points  to one man – Barack Obama. How ? You can easily understand. No need to explain.

How he created history i am not going to discuss that thing. It is an old story. I will share my views on second W-Web2.0. We cant deny that Web 2.0 has played a vital role in this historic win. Obama’s Web campaign is going to  set the trend for future.Emerging role of web 2.0 has been accepted.

Social Media has played  a vital role to deliver his message of change to voters and above all made voters to take action which resulted in a  “change”. It was the most effective presidential campaigns ever. It was the perfect blend of technology with traditional way of campaign like broadcast advertising, rallies and debates etc.

Obama has used all major social media  tools- YouTube ,  Facebook, Twitter to tap the potential of Web 2.0.  On Facebook, Obama holds a fan page with over of 2.5 million fans and number of groups with huge fan following.Morever there is also an   Obama application developed by Obama for America that allows supporters to share inspiring Obama quotes, videos and speeches.

On Twitter, Obama has over 118,000 followers. live video streams links were provided to these followers .

On YouTube tons of Obma fans had played a significant role using viral video campaign. Who can forget ObamaGirl’s “I Got a Crush on Obama” with over 10 million views, “Yes We Can”, from the Black Eyed Peas with over 11 million views,a BarakObamadotcom YouTube channel with over 120,000 subscribers and over 1,800 videos.

Obama also has a social network of his own—, where supporters can come together, build profiles, add friends, blog, make donations, find and host events and find information about voting registration and polls.

We will see the impact of Webama wave in coming elections in India also. LK advani has taken the initiative by launching his website

This campaign has so much to teach. Not only in political terms in every sphere of life.Most important things which we can learn is “Brand Positioning”. It also gives insight how Social Media is changing and touch all aspect of society.


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