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November 19, 2008

Fashion your Firefox with add-ons



Firefox is my favorite browser. Once i started using it there was no looking back . When Google’s Chrome was launched with much hype i was really excited and downloaded it on the same day. (Google legacy was the driving factor). But i found it was the replica of Firefox. I didnt like it and again started working on my old Firefox.

The reason for not switching to Chrome was simply  “Firefox add-ons “. I was using some add-ons at that time and they were proving boon in my development work. like CollorZilla which gives you the hexa color code of any point in the webpage.

Firefox add-ons are little extras that allow you to add a personal touch to your browser. Select your favorites from the categories below to accessorize your Web!

So, why not customize your Firefox for the things you really love to do? Take your browser from simple to spectacular.

Making things much better Mozilla launched a new initiative  called Fashion Your Firefox. I

It’s a simple directory that organizes some of the best add-ons for Firefox in several easily understandable categories. It means some of the best add-ons has been categorise into different category like

– Shutterbug: View and share pictures and videos online
– Rock Star: Listen to music while surfing, working, emailing or researching online
– News Junkie: Get the most up-to-date news and weather
– Shopaholic: Shop and take advantage of online deals
– Digital Pack Rat: Keep track of favorite sites, bookmarks and blogs
– Social Butterfly: Share, bookmark, and e-mail web pages via an array of social networking & bookmarking sites
– Finder and Seeker: Find and make information on the Web more relevant
– Decorator: Apply browser themes
– Executive Assistant: Organize online activities

Each category hav a couple of add-ons. Simply choose the category as per your requiremnet add the add-ons which you like .

So go and exploit your Firefox !!!!!!!!!!1


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