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December 12, 2008

CSS Cheat Sheets and Quick Reference

Modifying CSS or creating CSS is always a painful task. It required lot of patience and utmost care and precision. To make a slight change in the layout of your website somtimes seems to be herculean task and frustrating also.

CSS cheat sheet is a better way to have all the details at one place . I found some CSS  cheat sheets and quick reference guides  which might be helpful for web developers . Though there were many but these are pretty good.

Antharia: CSS Cheat Sheet (PDF)

Apple’s CSS Cheat Sheet Widget (Mac Dashboard Widget)

Blueprint CSS Cheat Sheet

CommunityMX: CSS Cheat Sheet: Inheritance, Cascade, Specificity

YUI Library: CSS Reset, Base, Fonts, and Grids (PDF)

W3Schools CSS2 Reference

NHS Designs: CSS and Web Design Cheat Sheet

KillerSites : HTML and CSS Codes

GoSquared : Liquidicity CSS Help Sheet (PDF)


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