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February 21, 2009

SEO Tips

Search Engine optimization is the best strategy to promote your website.It is is Best way to sell your website over internet. There are lots of tutorials and Strategy tips for SEO. It is yet another article on this topic but i had researched a lot and concluded what i feel everybody should know.

Page Rank :- It is one of the factor (out of 200 other factors) which Google takes into consideration while searching your website. Before going deep into SEO it is very important to understand this .If you have mathematics background it might be a sheer pleasure for you.

Here are some links to understand it in better way.

These are the tips.

1) Unique and Fresh content frequently.

2)Acquire inbound links from related pages regardless of their SE rankings. Why?If you understand Page Rank you know. Because it means that site has voted you.

3)Provide out bounds links also.These links to be carefully selected . Ask people to do same for you. but if they have not linked you in that case also dont remove their links.

4)Dont ignore navigation on your site. It should be user friendly.

5)Encourage other website to use your RSS feeds.

6)You URL must be short and should haave keywords of that article or webpage. Because it is links that matters in SEO.

7) Robots exclusion protocols– Use robots.txt file if you want that some pages of your website should not be crawled by Search engines.
Click here
Robot Checking
8)Use Robots Meta Tags to make sure that only one version of each page get indexed.

9) Make use of Google site maps.  It is a Protocol given by Google.There are various methods to generate sitemaps for your website. Even your webhoster also provides tool to generate sitemaps.Check your webhosting account on this.

This is Google site map.


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