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June 18, 2009

All Information of a Website

While surfing web we are eager to know which language ,framework ,CMS,Library,and tools are used in the development of websites.Which technology is working  behind a robust website . Like everybody wants to know which combination of technologies is behind twitter and facebook.

let consider a situation when we want to know how many websites and what type of websites has been developed using a particualr language like PHP,Perl etc. or we want to know where Django,Mochikit,JQuery is being used.

How can we exploit the power of a particular tool. Applied Stacks is a website which provides all these answers. It is basically a public repository that documents the tools and other components used in web development.
It answer all the questions regarding the website from technological point of view.
“One of the goals of this site is to help raise the visibility of packages that are less well known in the broader development community. In doing so, it is hoped that developers will be connected to the tools and components that really do best fit their specific needs and preference” according to the website.
Visit Quark Base in the combination of Applied Stacks.


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