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June 18, 2009

States Within State

Whatever is happening in West Bengal is not good for India. We need to address this problem as early as possible. We are already very late to recognize the volume of this problem. Our governments never paid attention to Naxalite movement until they created “Liberated States Within State” . This put questions on our sovreighnity.

We were always preoccupied with Kashmir and north East Terrorism and  never gave serious consideration to Naxalite movement. In Kashmir and North East case we can put blame on external elements but in this case who is to blame?  What is the difference between “Swat Valley” in Pakistan and Lal Garh(West Bengal) or Dantewada(Chhatishgarh)in India?Swat valley was the case of religious extremism or fundamentalism while Lal Garh and Dantewada is the case of Economic or Development extremism. “Two liberated State within a State” is a serious threat to our security.

This put question marks on World’s largest democracy and our sovereignty. They have 1000 sq km area under their control which comprises 1100 villages. The situation is grave as Prime Minister has accepted.

I was reading the interview of a top Maoist leader in Hindustan Times. He was quite confidant about his success. Even he said that a revolution in this country is about to happen in near future. He added Punjab is a fertile land for maoist revolution and was optimistic about Jharkhand,Chhatishgrah,Bihar,Orrisa. There is truth in his logic.Recent events in Punjab is enough to support his claim.

We need serious introspection regarding our development .We need to make sure that the benifits of economic policies should reach to villages,Talukas and poor people. Economic policies should be drafted keeping in view villages development. We need policies like NREG.
One of the primary reason of this problem is the hiatus between the rich and the poor.Rich people are becoming richer and poor people are not getting enough advantages of growth.
Every year number of Millionaires and Billionaires are increasing.but poverty is still the at the same level. Economic progress is centered to few states.


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