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February 22, 2010

Some suggestions for facebook

Face book is no more a social networking site. Indeed it has become a social media weapon. Now people use face book to raise their voice against social, political, economical, environmental and various other causes. People express themselves using Facebook.Though face book evolving day by day but there are some areas where they can focus.

Editor-Facebook should improve their Editor used in Facebook Note.At present this Editor is very basic and poor in features. It is bit difficult to type a note using present editor.e.g. if I have to bold a particular word I have to use tag. For somebody who is not much aware of HTML it is scary. Here Gmail Editor is the example.

Facebook should use an editor like TinyMCE Editor.
Face book can adopt TinyMCE Editor or they can develop their own editor.
Promoting Tiny MCE Editor is much better option keeping in view
That Facebook is doing great work towards their mother language PHP and open source.

Facebook Note-Face book status is one of the most popular feature in Facebook.
This is the first thing most of the Facebook user check in Facebook.
But there is another important feature in Face book- Facebook Note.
Face book note is ignored by Facebook till now.It is a great tool for people who wants to express themselves beyond FB Status Message.Facebook should focus on Facebook note.

Face book rank-Face book should develop a ranking system like page rank .Since this ranking system is for social networking site so it will be different from Google Page Rank which was developed for sites ranking.
One of the criteria may be how often user updates their status on Facebook,how many notes they have written, how active they are on Facebook,and how many people are talking about them.How many people have liked their Status message. There may be many other benchmarks to judge the FB Rank.


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