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February 22, 2010

Google’s free online multi language dictionary website

Google has silently launched a free online dictionary.It is really nice free online dictionary.


Google's free online dictionary



February 17, 2010

How social networking has changed the digital world

Human being is a ‘social animal’.They always have herd tendency.So Socialization is an inborn characteristic of human being.
We also have another herd tendency to get bored after following the same pattern for some time.(Though we keep following that pattern because others still following the pattern .This way everybody lives patternized life and no one dare to break the pattern. )That is the beauty to be the part of the herd.That is why people will get bored with social networking site after using for some time.

June 20, 2009

How to Install PHP on Windows7

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Wimp Server is a combination of Windows7, IIS7, MySQL and PHP. Wimp Server installs automatically on your server. You don’t need to do any modifications. It also has a silent setup for unattended installs.
It is the replica of WAMP. So you can use Windows7 and PHP together.
You can download  from this link.

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