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February 5, 2010

Increasing speed of PHP:HipHop for PHP by facebook

Facebook has released an open source project called HipHop for PHP to speed up PHP.

It is an effort to maximize the speed of PHP and to raise the standards of PHP so that it can be used at Enterprise level.



June 20, 2009

How to Install PHP on Windows7

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Wimp Server is a combination of Windows7, IIS7, MySQL and PHP. Wimp Server installs automatically on your server. You don’t need to do any modifications. It also has a silent setup for unattended installs.
It is the replica of WAMP. So you can use Windows7 and PHP together.
You can download  from this link.

June 18, 2009

How to generate pdf using php

If you want to generate PDF documents using PHP there is TCPPDF class.TCPPDF is an Open source PHP class for generating PDF documents.Beauty of this PHP Class is that it does not required any library for this purpose. (more…)

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