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March 3, 2010

Social media advertising: Facebook and Omniture are now partners

Omniture has joined hands with Facebook .This partnership is an effort to make Social media a better and easy to use tool for online marketing campaign.


February 22, 2010

Some suggestions for facebook

Face book is no more a social networking site. Indeed it has become a social media weapon. Now people use face book to raise their voice against social, political, economical, environmental and various other causes. People express themselves using Facebook.Though face book evolving day by day but there are some areas where they can focus.

Editor-Facebook should improve their Editor used in Facebook Note.At present this Editor is very basic and poor in features. It is bit difficult to type a note using present editor.e.g. if I have to bold a particular word I have to use tag. For somebody who is not much aware of HTML it is scary. Here Gmail Editor is the example.

February 17, 2010

How social networking has changed the digital world

Human being is a ‘social animal’.They always have herd tendency.So Socialization is an inborn characteristic of human being.
We also have another herd tendency to get bored after following the same pattern for some time.(Though we keep following that pattern because others still following the pattern .This way everybody lives patternized life and no one dare to break the pattern. )That is the beauty to be the part of the herd.That is why people will get bored with social networking site after using for some time.

January 27, 2010

Better Contacts Browsing in LinkedIn

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LinkedIn has improved address book browsing to make it more easier to find and organise connections.

They have implemented new browsing panel that allows users to browse their connections by their current companies, locations and industries. First name, last name or current company in the search box can also find connections.


December 9, 2008

Now Pulitzer award for online journalism also

The Pulitzer Prizes in journalism have been expanded to include many text-based newspapers and news organizations that publish only on the Internet, the Pulitzer Prize Board announced today.

The Board also has decided to allow entries made up entirely of online content to be submitted in all 14 Pulitzer journalism categories.

While broadening the competition, the Board stressed that all entered material — whether online or in print — should come from United States newspapers or news organizations that publish at least weekly, that are “primarily dedicated to original news reporting and coverage of ongoing stories,” and that “adhere to the highest journalistic principles.”

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November 25, 2008

TV on Facebook

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Facebook is launching Full-length television via a new generation of applications.this TV shows will be available available through a wide range of TVLoop “Addicted to…” applications and Mesmo TV. Many of these shows are streamed directly from television networks or via the video site, Hulu.

These applications make it easy, not only to watch shows, but also to discuss them, share bloopers, challenge friends’ knowledge of TV trivia, connect with other fans, and see how many of your friends are watching each week.

So we have more reason to be glued to Facebook.

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