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February 3, 2010

How to use Gmail in Hindi

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Gmail can be used in Hindi also. Apart from Hindi the Gmail interface is available in many different languages.



February 2, 2010

Gmail Extension for Chrome

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“The Google Mail extension” and “Send from Gmail extension” are two new chrome extensions .The Google Mail Extension provides an updated indicator of the unread messages in your inbox. You need not to login into your Gmail account to check your mails.

You are surfing and found an email address in the web page. In that case you need not to go to your email account to compose an email to that address. Just click on the email on the web page . But for that you have to install “Send from Gmail extension”. It automatically fills the subject of the message with the title of the web page you’re now on and the body with selected page text and the link address.

January 28, 2010

Google’s Privacy Principle tenets

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According to Google privacy principals are also the important things which Google keeps in mind while developing any product other than design and software guidelines. Needless to say security is also the important aspect in product development at Google.


January 27, 2010

Better Contacts Browsing in LinkedIn

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LinkedIn has improved address book browsing to make it more easier to find and organise connections.

They have implemented new browsing panel that allows users to browse their connections by their current companies, locations and industries. First name, last name or current company in the search box can also find connections.


June 20, 2009

How to Install PHP on Windows7

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Wimp Server is a combination of Windows7, IIS7, MySQL and PHP. Wimp Server installs automatically on your server. You don’t need to do any modifications. It also has a silent setup for unattended installs.
It is the replica of WAMP. So you can use Windows7 and PHP together.
You can download  from this link.

June 18, 2009

All Information of a Website

While surfing web we are eager to know which language ,framework ,CMS,Library,and tools are used in the development of websites.Which technology is working  behind a robust website . Like everybody wants to know which combination of technologies is behind twitter and facebook.


How to generate pdf using php

If you want to generate PDF documents using PHP there is TCPPDF class.TCPPDF is an Open source PHP class for generating PDF documents.Beauty of this PHP Class is that it does not required any library for this purpose. (more…)

States Within State

Whatever is happening in West Bengal is not good for India. We need to address this problem as early as possible. We are already very late to recognize the volume of this problem. Our governments never paid attention to Naxalite movement until they created “Liberated States Within State” . This put questions on our sovreighnity.


May 23, 2009

Election results 2009-Analysis

Results of the Indian parliament elections are out.Results were surprising for Congress and off course for BJP and regional  parties also. Nobody would have expected that this will be the outcome.These elections have signaled that many drastic changes are expected in future in political system of country,BJP,vision of politicians,in UP,in West Bengal and in India’s future.


April 20, 2009

Disable submit Button After one submission

Some times there is a situation when we want to submit something only for one time.
Like you want to collect users feedback on someting but only one feedback.
this can be achieved very easly.
This is the HTML code for that.

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